Representatives of 26 entities including local governments, companies and non-governmental organizations gathered on April 11, 2019 at the first jubilee meeting summarising the year of activities of the 5 Fractions Coalition. The meeting was attended by the representation of the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre which from the very beginning supported the initiative in its program activities.

Summing up the year of activities has become an occasion for the 5 Fractions Coalistion members to talking about waste management system in Poland as well as opportunities and threats for achieving European levels of raw materials recovery.

Magdalena Sułek-Domańska, Director of Communications at the ENERIS Group, which is one of the initiators of the 5 Factions Coalition, referring to initial forecasts assuming a level of 50% of the raw materials recovery in Poland in year 2020, admitted that it currently goes around 25%. "The problem rests in the low-quality collection at the source, as we call waste segregation at homes." said Sułek-Domańska. "The recovery rate of paper and cardboard or plastics has been recently decreasing, although a simple observation indicates that these farctions are represented in large amounts of waste generated at homes. That is why the Coalition focuses on education at the source that is addressed to adults: employees of companies and stakeholders of our coalition partners."

On the first anniversary of the 5 Fractions Coalition, seven companies and institutions officially joined the initiative, confirming at the same time their support for a uniform labelling system on packaging and a commitment to conducting educational activities among their employees and stakeholders.

The new members of the Coalition are:

  • Carlsberg
  • CBRE Polska
  • ProKarton Foundation
  • Grupa Żywiec
  • Wołomin (UM)
  • Zielona Góra (UM)
  • ZPGO Association of Employers Waste Management

The 5 Fractions Coalition was launched on April 12, 2018, as the first cross-sectoral initiative supporting the raw materials waste selective collection into 5 containers. Its goal is to increase practical knowledge about proper waste segregation and introduction of pro-consumer tools to facilitate the above. The distinguishing feature of the 5 Fractions Coalition is its expertise and multi-discipline character. It includes companies, local governments and NGOs that want to educate their stakeholders in the field of proper waste segregation based on the eco-labelling system.

The UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre provided program support and from the beginning cooperated in the activities of the Coalition. The ENERIS Group, a co-initiator of the 5 Factions Coalition, is a committed participant in activities carried out in the "Together for the Environment" SDGs Partnership.

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