The French-Polish Chamber of Commerce has published the findings of the 4th edition of the "CSR in practice" report, which monitors business responsibility for people and the environment. The UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre is the partner of the report.

In comparison with the results of the research from 2018 the percentage of enterprises declaring CSR activities determined by the internal need for action in a sustainable manner is growing - 52% of respondents declare it today compared to 38% last year.

This phenomenon is accompanied by a decline in the percentage of declarations, that implementation of environmental and social services is a result of the top-down policy, implemented in the whole group at the international level - from 49% in 2018 to 30% in 2019.

These types of activities are more and more often implemented by a dedicated CSR department (30%, an increase by 14 pp.), and less often by departments of human resources (20%, a decrease by 12 pp.), of marketing (18%, a decrease by 6 pp.) and of public relations (16%, decrease by 1pp.).

82% of respondents from the companies declared that they are carrying out activities aimed at reducing the consumption of resources, such as saving water or segregating waste. Every second company declares that it works to reduce emissions of air pollutants.

Compared to 2018, the percentage of enterprises operating in favour of the economic development of local communities, in which they operate, decreased slightly by 4pp. (59% ensures that they seek local employees and buy from local suppliers). However, there was a significant rise (from 28 to 41%) of the number of companies that conduct a dialogue with local communities about their needs and expectations.