a chief specialist in social communication at the Centre for Public Communication of the City of Warsaw, an activist, a graduate of the University of Warsaw (Interfaculty Studies in Humanities and Sociology). She deals with public consultations and dialogue in the urban policy. Specializations: plain language, dialogue in local planning. She previously worked at the Ministry of Development, where she dealt with communication, plain language and revitalization. She participated in the works on the National Urban Policy 2023 (area: Participation). As a journalist, she cooperated with Res Publica Nowa, she also writes for Krytyka Polityczna. In Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski she was the coordinator of the Krytyka Polityczna club. She initiated and conducted a debate about the making the city market in Ostrowiec a more livable space. She is also actively working for a cultural association which deals with urban art and local identity. She conducts research on and commemorates the history of Ostrowiec Jews.