UNEP  The next climate summit is soon going to commence in the Spanish capital city Madrid. It will start on Dec 2 and will last till Dec 13. This time, negotiators are gathering to refine the Paris Climate Agreement's operating principles. Get more »
 GRID  Information about the world around us – e.g., collected via sensors or obtained through satellites – allows us to more efficiently protect the environment and manage the economy. Panellists of the UNEP/GRID and EO4GEO joint session, which took place at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw on November 26 2019, discussed aspects of their acquisition, processing and their practical use. Get more »
 GRID  The best strategies for buildings capacities for geospatial data management, were the main themes of a series of expert meetings organised in Warsaw from October 25th to Oct. 29th. The events were started by a meeting of directors from the UNEP/GRID network, including Maria Andrzejewska from UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre. Get more »
 SDGs Partnership  Cooling down cities during heat waves, responsible water management, improving the energy efficiency of buildings and air quality – these are important challenges faced by modern cities.We invite the residents of Poznań and Warsaw to present their vision of the city of the future developed in the Ecocraft game, i.e. “green” Minecraft©. We are waiting for the projects of participants until January 3, 2020. Get more »
 UNEP  Between the 6-10 November 2019, the second meeting of the UN Science Policy Business Forum on Environment took place in Canberra. The forum integrates science, policy and business for the good of the environment. During the meeting, there was a presentation devoted to summarizing the speech on the new Climate Leadership program by the Director of the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre. Get more »
 In the press  Maria Andrzejewska, Bartłomiej Kozek and prof. Bolesław Rok were hosted in the daily newspaper on November 7 in relation to the "Innovations for the environment", an event taking place on that day. Get more »
 SDGs Partnership  New initiative was launched by UNEP/GRID Warsaw Centre at the annual Meeting of the SDGs Partnership "Together for the environment" organised at the Copernicus Science Center on November 7, 2019. The "Climate Leadership" powered by UN Environment program is to support business in activities aimed at its transition to the climate neutrality path by offering innovative products and services. Get more »
 GRID  Maria Andrzejewska and Monika Szewczyk were panelists on an event organised by UNIC Warsaw and the Polish Academy of Sciences. During the event, held as a commemoration of UN Day it the library of the Warsaw University, they were talking about ways in which climate change influences the environment and the role of business in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. Get more »
 SDGs Partnership  When the palm tree withered at the Warsaw's de Gaulle Roundabout in June this year, the message was obvious for the most of us: the dangers of air pollution and the global climate crisis are real and affect us all. In October, when the heating season began, the Warsaw palm again reminded us of the air quality. This time, from the screen on the wall of the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, it encourages passers-by to take action #ForthePlanet. Get more »
 SDGs Partnership  Bartłomiej Kozek, sustainability expert in the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, presented the most important issues related to climate change at the annual event addressed to suppliers of the Carrefour brand. Get more »
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