UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre has been operating as an Open Source Geospatial Lab since 2013. We focus on promoting use of free and open source geospatial software in public administration and education.

Open Source Geospatial Laboratories and Research Centres, ICA-OSGeo Labs in short, are established under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) and the International Cartographic Association (ICA). The goal of their activity is to promote and enhance education, research and service activities in the area of free geospatial software and open data all over the world. The motto of ICA-OSGeo Labs initiative is "Geo For All." There are over 100 centres operating worldwide.

Open Source Geospatial Lab, operating in UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, promotes use of open data and free geospatial software in particular among public administration as well as teachers and educators. We:

- organise seminars, trainings, workshops, online courses and webinars,
- develop map applications based on the free and open geospatial components,
- implement projects promoting crowdsourced spatial data collection,
- provide expert support, for example in the field of INSPIRE directive implementation.